About Us

Manhood Toys is an online independent retailer of products that are designed to make your manhood look good and feel good. But we are more than just an online store; we want to help improve the sexual wellbeing of anyone that has a manhood. We want to educate manhood owners around the world of the pleasures that cock rings can bring you and your partner or partners!

The best products for you & your manhood

Manhood Toys brings you a wide selection of products that have been designed to make your manhood look good and feel good. If you can put it on your manhood or in it then we probably sell it. Our product selection focused on a range of manhood enhancement products such as cock rings and penis pumps as well as a wide range of sexy toys designed for anyone that has a manhood or knows someone with a manhood. So, if you are looking for masturbating sleeve or sex doll then we have you covered. We also have a small range of men’s underwear.

Helping you find sexual confidence & performance

We want to help improve your manhood’s wellbeing, which in turn will improve your wellbeing. If you are struggling with sexual performance be it erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, then we have a range of products that might help as a step before having to take professional medical advice.

We try to help you by giving you as much practical information as we can about our products to help you make the right choice.

The number 1 choice for you & your manhood

We are part of the Manhood Undies Limited Group that has been selling underwear to make your manhood look good since 2014. So, we know a thing or two about selling manhood focussed products online. We have been bringing you exciting and sexy men’s underwear and swimwear to make your manhood look good for years. Now we are excited to bring you an exciting new concept with Manhood Toys.

Safe, Secure & Discreet

You can trust us to process your information in a safe and secure manner with a number of secure payment methods. We offer different shipping methods with free shipping for qualifying orders. All off which are sent out in a secure and discreet manner.