Cocksox Underwear CX76N Fall Sports Brief - Sexy Contour Pouch Active Mens Briefs


Men's briefs are a popular men's underwear style that have been around for a long time. There are a wide variety of styles available from skimpy bikini styles to full traditional Y-fronts. If are you looking for a sexy modern version of a brief with good coverage and support then you are going to love the Cocksox Underwear CX76N Fall Sports Brief. It combines a retro style fit that treads a line between sexy and practical, making tham ideal for getting active.


The Cocksox CX76N Fall Sports Brief is a sexy but practical brief cut that is great for active man. Its super low-rise on the waist with a 32mm wide elasticated waistband with a rainbow Cocksox logo that matches the the colour scheme on the pouch and leg bands. This is an active brief so it has a fuller retro style fit, but keeps a sexy look with the lower cut waist. Cocksox underwear have 3 different pouches. The CX76N features the contour pouch which holds your manhood closer to your body giving a high degree of comfort and support.  The pouch has a centre seam and a colourful rainbow style on the pouch and the seams either side of the pouch. The rear is seamless for a butt hugging but flexible fit.


The CX76N Sports Brief is made from a super soft advanced fabric that is 92% Supplex / 8% Lycra that has the feel of cotton but are breathable, wicks away moisture and hold their shape and colour over time. The men's trunks feature a print pad care label so no scratchy labels in this men's underwear.


Cocksox underwear is renowned for their comfortable and enhancing pouches. The Cocksox CX76N Sports Brief combines the comfortable and supportive contour pouch with a supportive brief style that offers versatility, practicality as well as a dash of sexiness. The style colour combination make these underwear to be seen in.


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