Happy Endings Just Add Water Whack Pack Cuff - Water Activated Lube Male Masturbator


It’s important to give yourself some self-loving and there’s no better way to give yourself a bit of self-love than with a male masturbator. It’s pretty much a given that most men masturbate, in fact at least 90% of men have tried it once in their lives. On average men masturbate 14 times a month. There’s nothing wrong with the old hand routine but why not upgrade your jerk with one of our wide selection of male masturbators.


There’s now a wide selection available with these male sex toys falling into either a realistic or non-realistic. The realistic male masturbators will usually take the form of an orifice such as a mouth or ass. Whereas non-realistic male masturbators such the Happy Endings Just Add Water Whack Pack Cuff take a non-anatomic plain shape.


The non-realistic type of male masturbators tend to come in one of three main designs, male masturbator cuffs are open ended so you can slide them up and down your shaft and over the head with the head of your manhood coming out of the end. Male masturbator sleeves are only open at one end and tend to be longer with you sliding your manhood all the way inside the sleeve, so it’s enveloped within the sleeve. Male masturbator eggs have an egg shape and envelope the upper part of your manhood and then stretch down the shaft.


The Happy Endings Just Add Water Whack Pack Cuff is an open-ended cuff style sleeve that is 2.5 inches long with a 2 inch diameter. It is made from a super stretchy body safe TPE that is squishy and soft that is semi-translucent.  This male masturbator is water activated so that you don't need to use lube. All you need to do is add water to activate the slippery material. This male stroker is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath. The inside of this male masturbator has a series of ridges and small nubs that will deliver waves of pleasure as you slide it up and down your manhood. It can be turned inside out to give a different sensation and also makes it easy to clean.


How to Use


This male masturbator is super easy and convenient to use as it does not need lube. Just add a little water inside and to the insertion point, then slide your manhood inside it and slide it up and down. Because it is not enclosed within a solid case you can vary the pressure with the amount of grip that you use as you slide it up and down. Because this male masturbator is open ended when you ejaculate it will not all get stuck at the end making it super easy to clean. Cleaning this male sex toy is really simple, just rinse it out let it dry and store it in the resealable packaging and then repeat whenever you want!

This male masturbator can be used up to 10 occasions without lube by adding water to activate the natural slippery material. If it starts to feel drier than you would like, then add a few drops of lube.