Master Series Ball Trap Metal Ball Stretcher - Heavy & Tight Extreme Locking Ball Stretcher

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There are very few sensations more erotic than a good old tug on your ball sack. It is that sensation that ball stretchers are looking to recreate. There are quite a few types of ball stretchers available. But if you are serious about your CBT then you are going to love the heavy and tight feeling of the Master Series Ball Trap Metal Ball Stretcher.

The Master Series Ball Trap Metal Ball Stretcher is a 11.6oz / 220 grams of solid aluminium that splits into two halves and locks together using two bolts that are tightened using an allen key. THis makes it super easy to get on, a super tight squeeze and difficult to get off. The perfect combination if you are into some serious ball torture. On the sides are two attachment points which allow you to add additional weight or to connect it to another device.

This metal ball stretcher has a really good weight and length to really pull on those balls.  The overall length is 4.4 inches the outer diameter is 2.4 inches the inner diameter is 1.3 inches and the thickness between the inner and outer is 1 inch.

Ball stretchers can be a bit fiddler to get on than cock ring sometimes, particularly if they are very thick or long. But because this ball stretcher come apart then it is super easy to get on. The bolts can be a bit fiddly to get on, but if your mistress or master helps then its a breeze. Plus it means you are not going to get this off in a hurry without some help. 

Fitting Advice

As always, the fit is going to depend on your own personal preference. How much of a squeeze and how much of a tug do you want? This ball stretcher is not for the faint hearted, it's got some real weight to it and it's going to give you a good stretch.