Mistress Mia Juicy Masturbator - Realistic Masturbator


It’s important to give yourself some self-loving and there’s no better way to give yourself a bit of self-love than with a male masturbator. It’s pretty much a given that most men masturbate, in fact at least 90% of men have tried it once in their lives. On average men masturbate 14 times a month. There’s nothing wrong with the old hand routine but why not upgrade your jerk with one of our wide selection of male masturbators.


There’s a wide selection of male masturbators available with these male sex toys falling into either a realistic or non-realistic. The non-realistic type tend to have a plain design that does not resemble any body parts and are either a cuff, sleeve or egg design. Whereas realistic male masturbators such as the Mistress Mia Juicy Masturbator are designed to look like a body part such as a mouth or ass.


Realistic male masturbators will replicate an ass, mouth or vagina and sometimes well actually feature two of the aforementioned orifices. They tend to be a sleeve design that is open ended with different types of textures and shapes and are often enclosed within a case.


The Mistress Mia Juicy Masturbator has a replica vaginal and anal opening in a sleeve with a small hole. It is 8.75 inches long and is made from body safe lifelike Bioskin TPE that is squishy and soft that has a light wetlook flesh like colour. The inside of this male masturbator is textured and undulates in shape to give a tight and realistic feel that will deliver waves of pleasure as you slide it up and down your manhood. The end of the stroker has a hole that makes it easy to clean. The design of this male masturbator replicates a woman lying on her side for a side entry to the ass and vagina. 


How to Use


The realistic male masturbator is super easy to use. Just add water-based lube to the inside and around the edge of the insertion point. Then slide your manhood inside it and slide it up and down. Cleaning this male sex toy is really simple, use a toy cleaner and rinse and let it dry fully.