Oxballs Atomic Jock Tri Sport 3 Ring Cocksling - Triple Cockring For Balls, Base & Shaft


What could be a better feeling than a cock ring putting pressure on your manhood? How about three cock rings all at once around your your balls, base and shaft? Well that's what you you get with the Oxballs Atomic Jock Tri Sport 3 Ring Cocksling.

This triple cock ring has three rings that are joined together making a pyramid like shape. Two of the rings are are the same size at 3.5 Inches and one slightly larger ring at 4 inches. The two smaller and tighter ring are meant to be for your cock and balls, but if your want an overall tighter fit than you can swop them around. One ring grips around the base of your balls and penis, one ring grips around the shaft and one ring that goes around your ball sack. This gives the feeling of your cock and balls being gently squeezed whilst your balls are are ever so slightly pushed down.

Oxballs Atomic Jock Tri Sport 3 Ring Cocksling is made from a Flex TPR that is phosphate free and has god stretch allowing you to get this cock ring on with relative ease, but allows it to still give a good solid grip that creates an amazing pressure that will give you a rock hard erection.

This cock ring is modelled on the traditional metal tri-cock ring, but without the problems of getting a good fit or the difficulty of getting it on and off.

The best way to put this triple cock ring on is it to pass your balls through the larger ring and then stretch the lower smaller ring over your balls. Then stretch the upper smaller ring over your manhood and pull it through. The shape creates a nice and close ergonomic fit at the base of your cock and balls with a solid grip around the base of your penis and a gentle tug on your balls.

This cock ring comes in a heat sealed molded plastic package with card insert.