Oxballs Gauge Cockring - Super Stretchy & Squishy Cockring With Ball Pressure Point

$15.95 - $16.00

The thick jelly like rounded cock ring is a mainstream item in the world of cock rings. Could almost say that it is a cock ring basic. But there is nothing basic about the Oxballs Gauge Cock Ring. It's made from a super stretchy superFlex TPR jelly like material that is super strong and has ball shape to create the look of a Prince Albert piercing.

The Oxballs Gauge Cock Ring is a chubby rounded donut style rubber cock ring with the addition of a large ball shape incorporated into it that is made from a super stretchy TPR. The beauty of this rubber cock ring is that you can wear on your manhood and / or balls whichever way you want. The internal ring circumference is 3.25 inches and is 0.5 inch or 12mm thick with an overall circumference of 7 inches. The ball shape is intended to create the look of jewellery adorning your manhood. But it also acts as a pressure point creating a bigger bulge and a tighter fit.

This cock ring is super easy to get on because of the amount of stretch that it has. Just pop your manhood through the hole and then stretch it over your balls so that it sits nicely behind them close to your body. Or you might find it easier to put your balls through first and then stretch over your manhood. Position the ball shape behind your balls for an extra bit of pressure between your balls and perineum.

Fitting Advice

As always, the fit is going to depend on your personal preference and how tight a fit you like from your cock ring. This cock rings should give any man a nice firm fit. If you are bigger than average then the extra stretch should help you get it on. Remember that you ideally want the inner ring to be slightly smaller than the circumference around the base of your manhood and balls.