Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher - Silicone Encasing Ball Stimulator


There are very few sensations more erotic than a good old tug on your ball sack. It is that sensation that ball stretchers are looking to recreate. But the Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher takes it to a whole new level by completely encasing your entire ball sack. If you are looking to take a good squeeze and a nice tug up a level, then you are going to love the Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher.

The Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher is made from the Perfect Fit PFBlend of silicone and TPE so has good stretch. The overall shape is like a big old set of bull testicles with a narrow top and opening and a wider bottom that accommodates your balls. This ball stretcher does so much more than give you a bit of stretch and a squeeze. Because the design actually envelopes your balls and ball sack it stretches and squeezes, but it also adds weight pulling your balls down. It also creates a feeling of having your balls cupped and cradled. It also creates a fantastic amount of swing as your hips move back and forth.

This ball bag stretcher comes in two different sizes the regular gives you a 0.75 inch stretch on the balls while the XL gives you a 1.5 inch stretch on the balls. It is available in either Black or Crystal.

Ball stretchers can be a bit fiddler to get on compared to a cock ring, particularly if they are thick like this one. The super stretchy material makes this ball stretcher easy to get on, but you still need to be careful. The best way of putting this ball stretcher on is to pull open the opening at the top as wide as you can. Then slide it over your balls making sure that the neck of the ball stretcher is past the actual testicles before you release.

Fitting Advice

As always, the fit is going to depend on your own personal preference and how big your balls are. How much of a squeeze and how much of a tug do you want? But for most men this is going to give a good solid squeeze without being uncomfortable and give a nice weighty tug.