Perfect Fit PF Blend Ball Stretcher 2.0 in Ice Clear - Super Stretchy & Blubbery Ball Stretcher


There are very few sensations more erotic than a good old tug on your ball sack. It is that sensation that ball stretchers are looking to recreate. If you are looking for a good squeeze and a nice tug then you are going to love the Perfect Fit Silaskin Ball Stretcher.

The Perfect Fit PF Blend Ball Stretcher 2.0 is a thick ball stretcher made from the Perfect Fit PF blend that has tighter squeeze than the stretchier. It has a blubbery feel to it that has good stretch. It gives a firm grip that stretches and squeezes but still feels comfortable. This ball stretcher is 2 inches long and will stretch to accommodate most people. The beauty of this ball stretcher is that it creates a nice balance between the amount of stretch, the amount of squeeze and the weight. This combination creates a ball stretcher that creates an erotic feel, but still feels comfortable.

Ball stretchers can be a bit fiddler to get on compared to a cock ring, particularly if they are thick like this one. The super stretchy material makes this ball stretcher easy to get on but you still need to be careful. The best way of putting this ball stretcher on, is to stretch it open from underneath and pull your balls through.

Fitting Advice

As always, the fit is going to depend on your own personal preference. How much of a squeeze and how much of a tug do you want? But for most men this is going to give a good solid squeeze without being uncomfortable and give a nice weighty tug.