Rock Solid Lasso Cockring in Black - Adjustable Lasso Style Silicone Cockring


There is a large selection of different types of erection devices available with cock rings being the most common and popular. Cockrings come in all different shapes and sizes as well as in a range of different materials. But any cock ring is only as good as the amount of grip and pressure it creates to get the desired effect. The challenge with any cock ring is to find the right size and fit that works for you. Well with the Rock Solid Silicone Lasso Cock Ring you can adjust it to get the perfect fit.

Lasso cock rings usually consist of 1 long piece of material usually made from leather or silicone and are held together with a slider that moves up and down the two ends to make a ring that you can make bigger or smaller. This allows you to make the ring bigger to get it on and then smaller to get a tight enough fit by sliding the slider up and down.

Rock Solid Silicone Lasso Cock Ring is made with a silicone strap and has slider with the ends of the strap inserted through each side.

Putting this lasso cock ring on is super easy, just slide the bead down making a large loop and then place it over whichever part of your manhood you want to wear it and then slide the bead up to get a nice tight fit.

Fitting Advice

As always, the fit is going to depend on your personal preference, but the beauty of a lasso style cock ring is that you can loosen it to get it on and then tighten it as much as you want. The length of this lasso is going to fit pretty much any man. Because a lasso has moveable parts then it does have a little less structure than a solid ring.