Screaming O The RingO XL - Larger Size Budget Jelly Silicone Donut Style Cockring


Cock rings have been in existence for over 2000 years and were used then as they still are today. To help maintain and enhance an erection, boosting sexual pleasure and as decorative jewellery for the manhood. There are a wide number of materials used today just as there was then with rubber, leather and metal being the most popular materials used to produce modern erection rings.


There is all manner of different cock rings available with the jelly like thicker donut style ring being one of the most popular. Not only are they a simple and straightforward cock ring for the first-time user the simpler designs tend to be an accessible price and easily available.


The Screaming O brand is well known for its range of cock rings and has over the years expanded its range to include a selection of different types of cock rings with different functionality. The Screaming O RingO XL is a larger version of The RingO. This c-ring is a basic rounded thin donut style cock ring made from a very stretchy soft jelly-like SEBS silicone. It is 20% larger than the original RingO with an internal diameter of 1.25 inches.


This is definitely a budget c-ring, but it does the job. Its compact and can easily be concealed in a pocket or wash bag.


This cock ring is super easy to get on because of the amount of stretch that they have. Just pop your manhood through the hole and then stretch it over your balls so that it sits nicely behind them close to your body. Or depending on how big you are, you could wear it just on the shaft


Fitting Advice


As always, the fit is going to depend on your personal preference and how tight a fit you like from your cock ring. This cock ring should give the average man a nice firm fit. If you are bigger than average, then the extra stretch should help you get them on. Remember that you ideally want the inner ring to be slightly smaller than the circumference around the base of your manhood and balls.