Sport Fucker Revolution Stretcher in Black - Ergonomic Ball Stretcher


There are very few sensations more erotic than a good old tug on your ball sack. It is that sensation that ball stretcher are looking to recreate. If you are looking for a nice gentle squeeze and an ergonomic fit then you are going to love the Sport Fucker Revolution Stretcher in Black.

The Sport Fucker Revolution Stretcher in Black is a great introduction to the world of ball stretchers as it sits at the smaller end with a length of just over 1 inch or 30mm. The internal diameter is 25mm so gives a nice gentle squeeze. The stretchy material makes it easy to get on and ensure a comfortable fit. The upper section has two curves that dip down to give a nice fit against the bottom of your shaft and the back of your balls.

This ball stretcher is so versatile that if you want you could even wear it as a super thick cock ring that really grips the base of your shaft.

The stretchy material makes this super easy to get on. As a ball stretcher just stretch it open from underneath and pull your balls through.

Fitting Advice

As always the fit is going to depend on your own personal preference. How much of a squeeze and how much of a tug do you want. But for most men this is going to give a good solid squeeze without being uncomfortable and give a nice gentle tug.